imageIn the early days of the Internet, having a web site was a novelty and the reality was "build it and they will come". As most Americans have come to rely on the Internet for instant information, having a readily accessible web site is now a business necessity. Our services are designed to increase your business web site's visibility and availabilty to prospective clients when they are in the market for your products and services.

The Web Site Audit

If your web site is underperforming as a marketing tool, a web site audit uncovers the reasons why. These may include how the site is coded, the web site's content (or lack of content), how your web site is ranked by the search engines as compared to competing sites in your category, online reviews of your business, whether or not your web site is "mobile friendly", your businesses activities on social media, or any other factor that limits your web site's exposure to your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the early days webmasters could trick the search engines into ranking web sites higher in search results. The search engine companies soon caught on and now ban some web sites from their sites for this illicit behavior. Today's search engine optimization is more about fixing the issues uncovered in a web site audit, maximizing the characteristics that search engines like and minimizing the web site characteristics that they do not like. Unfortunately, search engines continue to change their preferences and web sites that are competing with yours may also be trying to optimize their sites. This makes search engine optimimization an ongoing, but productive process. No consultant can guarantee specific rankings or results based on search engine optimization services, but avoiding the reality that search engine users do not often search deeper than the first couple pages of results is a real concern of online marketers. We have used search engine optimization techniques for years to drive a steady stream of visitors to our web sites, as well as our clients.

Local Search Marketing

As the usage of smartphones and tablets has grown, so has the idea of "local search". Now many people search the Internet exclusively on their mobile devices, and in many cases are researching local businesses. Search engines are adapting to this and trying to provide users with relevant search results. Unfortunately, businesses need to optimize their web sites for the unique features of ever changing local search algorithms and the functionality of web sites displayed on a handheld device. Every business must now adapt to this market development to remain competitive. We assist businesses by optimizing for local search results and modify web sites to perform well on mobile devices.

Social Media

Use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn has grown exponentially over the past few years. Some businesses use social media to reach or engage potential customers. The value of a loyal social network following cannot be overstated. However, building a social network for your business can be time consuming, expensive and must continuously be cultivated to be relevant. We will help you evaluate whether or not, or to what extent, your business should pursue building an online social network on any of the popular social networking sites.

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